A meandering journey into love, trauma, and personality disorders, told by an unreliable but healing narrator.
#19 The absent father: a conversation with Dr. Susan E. Schwartz Listen now | In this episode I speak with Jungian analyst Susan E. Schwartz about her latest book, The Absent Father Effect on Daughters, and how to…
I'm interviewing Jungian analyst Susan Schwartz about her book, "The Absent Father Effect on Daughters". Send me your questions.
#18 Motherhood: a conversation with Lisa MarchianoListen now (62 min) | Can motherhood be a journey of healing and growth? In this episode I talk to Jungian analyst, podcaster, and writer Lisa Marchiano…
I'm interviewing Lisa Marchiano from This Jungian Life next week - do you have questions?Lisa has gracefully agreed to talk to me about her new book, Motherhood: Facing and Finding Yourself. We’ll be discussing motherhood as individu…
Is there more to life than our day-to-day experience? A dive into calling and purpose through Jungian analysis and my own experience.
A little update + how to join my upcoming course in mindfulness meditation for 30% off.
Well hello, friend. It’s been a while. I’m writing to you on the eve of my 31st birthday - yes, that’s right, mere hours before this newsletter hit your…
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