And a quote I had to cut of the essay, but would love to share. How do you feel about this?

“That the daimon has your interest at heart may be the part of the theory particularly hard to accept. That the heart has its reasons, yes; that there is an unconscious with its own intentions; that fate plays a hand in how things turn out - all this is acceptable, even conventional.

But why is it so difficult to imagine that I am cared about, that something takes an interest in what I do, that I am perhaps protected, maybe even kept alive not altogether by my own will and doing? Why do I prefer insurance to the invisible guarantees of existence? For it sure is easy to die. A split second of inattention and the best laid plans of a strong ego spill out on the sidewalk. Something saves me ever day from falling down the stairs, tripping at the curb, being blindsided. How is it possible to race down the highway, tape deck singing, thought far away, and stay alive? What is this ‘immune system’ that watches over my days, my food sprinkled with viruses, toxins, bacteria? […] We name what preserves us instinct, self-preservation, sixth sense, subliminal awareness (each of which, too, is invisible yet present). Once upon a time what took such good care of me was a guardian spirit, and I damn well knew how to pay it appropriate attention.

Despite this invisible caring, we prefer to imagine ourselves thrown naked into the world, utterly vulnerable and fundamentally alone. It is easier to accept the story of heroic self-made development than the story that you may well be loved by this guiding providence, that you are needed for what you bring, and that you are sometimes fortuitously helped by it in situations of distress.” - James Hillman, The Soul’s Code

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Jul 3, 2021Liked by Maria Nazdravan

thanks for sharing, maria. soul to soul, i’m proud of the journey you’re on and the awakening you’re undergoing. i can touch a lot of what you’re sharing through doing work to open to my own, deeper path right now, and it’s nice to feel indirectly seen. you quote hillman and hollis multiple times, and i’m curious what literature (of theirs or others) that you’ve been influenced most by on your path? i’ve begun doing work in core energetics and transpersonal psychology and am always looking for new perspectives to explore. look forward to reading more about your journey soon - ✌🏼& ♥️

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Jun 15, 2021Liked by Maria Nazdravan

straight into my heart. wonderful and heartfelt words. this story just filled me up with kindness, love, and energy. thank you for being you and sharing with us! big love

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