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Hey Maria, first of all I want to say that I am deeply grateful for this article and your work in general. I recently decided that I am going to commit to the path of becoming a therapist, and the topic of trauma was one of the main reasons for that. Getting the input from your article allows me to think critically about my ways of thinking and empowers me to have more knowledge before I even start. Thank you!!

I have a question for you regarding something that is somewhat connected to this article. I found it very interesting to read your take on it especially because you stress the influence of culture and society. I have been asking myself the question if spirituality in a sense can lead to a disconnect to what is happening in our culture, basically making someone lose interest in all societal processes because one is so focused on their own path towards liberation. It is basically this question: If Nirvana is possible to achieve under any circumstances, why bother to vote and have an opinion on societal issues?

I have the intuitive opinion that we should still be involved in societal processes, simply for the reason that by creating a less conservative and more conscious society we can create environments that are ideally preventing trauma and cultivate spiritual practices which both would prevent a lot of suffering.

Any thoughts and sources would be welcome!

Much love,


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