Wait, what is this?

At the end of 2019 I quit my job in advertising to retrain as a psychedelic therapist (I wrote about the many reasons here). I also wanted more time to write - anything, really, as long as it held value beyond the commercial nonsense I was previously paid to create.

Thus Begin Again was born. A newsletter where I share the fascinating things I learn in my retraining process and how they can help us live better, freer and happier lives.

What should I expect?

A bi-monthly email from me, discussing a variety of topics from the psychedelic world. For those who already know me, you’ll know I’m also a voracious reader of fiction and a big fan of comedy. So I’ll make sure to keep things fresh and balanced with enlightening book references and silly GIFs.

Mostly, you’ll read about:

  • the science, harm reduction, research, and use of psychedelics;

  • consciousness;

  • Jungian psychology;

  • spirituality and spiritual practices;

  • meditation;

  • yoga;

  • my very own experiences with these practices.

Let’s have some fun.