About me

I’m Maria–a trainee transpersonal and trauma psychotherapist based in London, UK. I’m also a writer, an avid reader, and a former advertising creative, and I currently host a small dreamwork community called Dreamwork Circle.

About Begin Again

Begin Again is a newsletter dedicated to the profound and practical exploration of living a symbolic life.

You’ll read ideas blending psychotherapy, Jungian analysis, trauma work, spirituality, tarot, astrology, and psychedelics. My aim is to share ideas and stories that inspire you to examine your life a bit differently–with a bit more depth, curiosity, and humour.

I’m also interested in educating on ethical practice in the psychotherapeutic, spiritual, and psychedelic space. My view is that being whole or “enlightened” is less about transcendence, but more about the spiritualisation of matter. Realising our individuality as inextricably connected to the collective, embodied and firmly grounded here on earth.

Free and paid subscriptions

Because I believe these ideas are worth sharing, most of my essays are free to read.

However, this kind of writing is a demanding process. If you’re inspired by my work and are in a position to support it, I’d be grateful if you upgraded to a paid subscription.

A paid subscription (only £5/month) gives you 25% off workshops, individual sessions, and your first month of a Dreamwork Circle membership, as well as extra content like videos, self-reflection guides, and the opportunity to engage in the comments.

Plus my endless gratitude for helping me do what I love.

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Begin Again is a newsletter about psychotherapy, spirituality and consciousness through the wide eyes of a transpersonal and trauma psychotherapist.


I'm an integrative transpersonal & trauma psychotherapist based in London, UK. I read, think, and write about the intersection of Jungian psychology, spirituality, psychedelics, and other modalities with the aim of bridging heaven and earth.