I’m Maria–a transpersonal and sensorimotor trainee psychotherapist based in London, UK. I’m also a writer and avid reader with an endless fascination for all things consciousness, Jungian analysis, trauma and the body, mysticism, alchemy, and tarot.

At the end of 2019 I quit my job as a creative in advertising to retrain as a psychedelic guide. I thought the journey would be straightforward, but I quickly discovered that the topics psychedelics had opened my eyes to were endlessly fascinating. Since quitting my old career I’ve been training extensively and will likely continue to do so for a long time.

Meanwhile, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the wonderful and mysterious things I was learning with other curious minds. In fact, part of my reason for leaving advertising was that I also wanted more time to write - anything, really, as long as it held value beyond the commercial nonsense I was previously paid to create. And so Begin Again was born.

What to expect from this newsletter

An occasional essay or podcast discussing the intersection of psychology, Jungian analysis, trauma, meditation, consciousness, spirituality, and psychedelics.

My aim is to share my evolving understanding and critical thinking around different theories and modalities in a way that makes sense and inspires you to examine your life a bit differently–with a bit more depth, curiosity, and humour.

I’m also interested in educating on ethical practice in the psychotherapeutic, spiritual, and psychedelic space. My view is that being whole or “enlightened” is less about transcendence, but more about the spiritualisation of matter: realising our individuality as inextricably connected to the collective, embodied and firmly grounded here on earth.

And if what you’re reading excites you and you’d like to explore working together, I offer trauma-informed inner work, psychedelic integration sessions, dreamwork, and tarot readings. Here’s my website.

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Begin Again is a newsletter about psychedelics, spirituality and consciousness through the wide eyes of a trainee transpersonal and trauma psychotherapist.


Maria Nazdravan

Transpersonal and trauma-informed psychotherapist in training. Inner work, meditation, tarot, and psychedelic integration specialist.