Is there more to life than our day-to-day experience? A dive into calling and purpose through Jungian analysis and my own experience.
A little update + how to join my upcoming course in mindfulness meditation for 30% off.
Well hello, friend. It’s been a while. I’m writing to you on the eve of my 31st birthday - yes, that’s right, mere hours before this newsletter hit you…
Has romantic love supplanted religion in our culture? A Jungian insight into why romantic love makes us miserable, and how to fix that.
#14 I'm gonna tell you a crazy story (pt.2)Listen now (25 min) | A million lifetimes ago (well, actually, six years ago) I got my third tattoo. It was meant to honour the peak Vonnegut phase of …
#13 I'm gonna tell you a crazy story (pt. 1)Listen now | What a mystical journey into the deepest layer of consciousness taught me about the nature of existence and my struggles with being human. 
Where do dreams come from? What do they want from us? Follow this guide and learn how to use Jungian psychoanalysis to interpret your dreams.
I made an audio version of the last newsletterListen now (12 min) | Hello, Here I am, emailing you again to let you know that I’ve recorded yesterday’s newsletter and made it into a little podcast.…
An insight into life after seven months of retraining as a psychedelic guide and integration coach.
An integrative relational therapist's view on psychedelic integration in private practice and as part of Imperial College's psychedelic trials.
How to move past resistance and integrate specific experiences based on the holistic model of body, mind, spirit, community and environment.
The philosophy of integration, your inner healer and practical ways to integrate a psychedelic experience.