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[Free episode] How real are you? The "as-if" personality with Susan Schwartz, PhD

[Free episode] How real are you? The "as-if" personality with Susan Schwartz, PhD

Jungian analyst and author Susan E. Schwartz talks about her new book, "Imposter Syndrome and The 'As-If' Personality in Analytical Psychology: The Fragility of Self"

“This person has an impoverished or emotionally and physically uncomfortable relationship to the world belied by their presentation of glitz and shine. They cannot bear, even momentarily, to be seen up close, beneath the skin. Others might perceive them as winners, as having made it, but often they are internally empty, disillusioned, anxious, confused, alienated and, most of all, estranged from themselves. Looking successful to others does not fill the empty spaces within.”

(Susan E. Schwartz)

In this conversation we discuss:

  • What is the “as-if” personality

  • The “as-if” personality, imposter syndrome, and narcissism

  • The traumatic origin of the “as-if” personality structure

  • Growing up with psychically dead parents

  • Emptiness, void, and disembodiment

  • Shadow work and the creative potential of this type

  • The “as-if” person in therapy and how to become real

  • The transformative power of dreams

More about Susan Schwartz

Find out more about Susan’s work on her website, including free samples of her books. Her new book is available on Amazon, Routledge, and Karnac Books.

If you haven’t already, I recommend listening to our previous interview about her first book on the absent father effect on daughters.

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